Well, hello there, friend!

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd, grow your Impact, and Create Your Own Path to Success – Without being someone (or some-thing you’re not?)

Well, hello there, friend!

Step-by-step roadmap to connect & attract perfect-for-you clients, discover your unique message & identity, create a memorable brand that sets you apart and build a profitable online biz!

'Hello World' Personal Brand Kickstart Package

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You’re feeling stuck and wondering, “what’s next?”, like your potential is locked away without a key, while your revenue is tied directly to your time.

  • You might LOVE your 1:1 work, but deep down, you know you're meant for so much more.

  • You want to serve at a higher level, have more impact, and reach a wider audience.

  • You want to be memorable, recognized as an authority in your space.

But how can you build the online business you’re dreaming up… without becoming a salesy influencer?

Maybe you’ve been a fly on the wall of a few webinars, signed up for free software trials, and posted on social media to share your expertise… in the hope of building a business.

But when it comes to getting visible:

You feel like there’s too much competition in your niche and doubt whether there's enough demand for your services. You may feel lost in the sea of similar offerings.

And then enters…..(duh duh duhh)

Imposter Syndrome:

“Who is going to listen to…me?”

The fear of not being good enough plagues your mind. You doubt your ability to find an audience, question whether it's even worth your time, and feel the gap between where you are and the beautifully branded images from those you admire.

When you craft a brand that authentically represents your story, message, and personality, your ideal clients will gravitate towards you, no matter how saturated the market seems. 

You don't need a massive following to be legit; you need a brand that shines. ✨✨✨

I know you don't have time to waste (Stop the endless YouTube rabbit holes already!)

You need a step-by-step roadmap from an expert who's been where you are, someone who can guide you to build a brand that matters.

🌴 Have the freedom to travel

🌴 Spend time with loved ones whenever you want

🌴 Take the afternoon off…just because you can.

All while doing meaningful work that matters to you and the world.

In six months, I built an online business from scratch. Being in Empire Builder with Tina Tower has helped me accelerate my learnings on setting up online course. With having the accountability and motivation, and the challenges set each month, that's what accelerated my business from being just a thought and concept to actually earning money.

Deb Szabo

If you're ready to play full out and live your big life, the "Hello World" Personal Brand Kickstart Package is your golden ticket to:

  • Connect with and attract perfect-for-you clients

  • Discover your unique message and identity

  • Create a memorable brand that sets you apart

  • Build your brand as you go, not just when your course is finished!

Module 1: Identify your niche and perfect client

We're diving headfirst into the world of niche identification and client matchmaking. Explore your unique talents and passions to carve out a niche that's as unique as you are. This is your roadmap to stand out in the crowd.

Module 2: Unique Value Proposition

In a sea of online courses, it's your UVP that will make you shine like a beacon. Discover how to craft a compelling and authentic message that sets you apart from the competition, enabling you to communicate your unique strengths and benefits to your audience effectively.

Module 3: 7 Day social media content plan

Ready to conquer the social media landscape and establish yourself as the go-to expert in your industry? In this lesson , we'll unravel the secrets of a 7-day repeatable social media content plan that showcases your thought leadership prowess.

Module 4: “hi friend” your simple message to the world

Step into the spotlight with our lesson designed for Course Creators, where we'll teach you the art of introducing yourself to the world with authenticity and charisma. Say "hi friend" in a way that leaves a lasting impression!

Module 5: Your personal brand guide

Ready to give your brand the visual wings it deserves? In this lesson we're unlocking the power of Canva to help you craft your very own Brand Board – a visual reference guide that's the heartbeat of your brand's identity. Get ready to turn heads with your unique style!

Bonus 1:

Camera Confidence

Develop the skills and mindset needed to feel at ease in front of the camera. Whether it's for video content, live streams, or virtual presentations, this module empowers you to exude confidence and authenticity, further enhancing your personal brand's impact.

Bonus 2:

Nail Your Logo

Embark on a creative journey to craft a unique and visually compelling logo that aligns with your personal brand's identity. This bonus provides step-by-step guidance, design tips, and practical exercises to help you create a logo that represents your story and sets you apart from the crowd.

Here’s what’s inside:

Module 1: Identify Your Niche and Perfect Client

Module 2: Unique Value Proposition

Module 3: 7 Day Social Media Content Plan

Module 4: “hi friend” Your Simple Message to the World

Module 5: Your Personal Brand Guide

Bonus 1: Camera Confidence

Bonus 2: Nail Your Logo

Today's Price: Just $27!!

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Since I was 20, I’ve been self employed. I love business. I love everything about the freedom it brings and how it enables me to be able to create awesome things to help other people live more joyful lives and then in turn allows me to live a great life with my family.

I believe that life is short and we should all act accordingly. We should be making big plans, dreaming big and taking massive action to set our souls on fire.

I am all for using digital to enhance our lives but also looking up from the screen to enjoy all the world has to offer. Life is good, and I want to help you to live it well.

I work with women across the globe to package their expertise and grow a business with freedom that includes online courses, speaking, podcasting, publishing and content marketing.

Who is this for?

The Personal Brand Kickstarter Package is for you if you want to connect with your ideal clients, discover your unique message and identity while creating a memorable brand. It's about making a real impact, not just becoming another influencer.

Is this program suitable for someone who only has a service based business?

Absolutely, the is totally suitable for women who have service-based businesses who are desiring to scale your time by launching a course or membership online! It equips you with the essential knowledge and strategies to stand out in a crowded digital world, connect with your ideal audience, and establish your unique identity. If you're looking to make a meaningful impact and create a memorable brand, it’s your key to success.

Is the program suitable for women with limited online skills?

Absolutely! Whether you're new to the online world or have a packed Zoom agenda, the program offers easy to implement action steps. If you have a phone and an instagram account, you’ll be able to implement these strategies right away!

What results can I expect after completing the modules?

You’ll have a clear understanding of your niche, a unique message, a memorable personal brand, and the ability to attract your ideal clients. You'll be well-equipped to make a lasting impact in your industry and achieve the success you've been striving for.

How do I access the content?

Once you complete the checkout process, you’ll receive an email with log in instructions. You’ll find all the modules and course content within your member dashboard, which you can access 24/7 and watch the videos as many times as you need.

What if my audience on social media is really small?

You’re in the perfect spot! The Personal Brand Kickstart Package will walk you through setting up your brand in a way that will authentically attract your ideal clients - and social followers!

How does this program differ from working with you 1-1?

My VIP days start at $15k, so the "Hello World" Personal Brand Kickstart Package is an amazing way to get a great start on creating your brand, start attracting new clients - and when you're ready, I'm here for you!

What happens if you DON’T do this? ...nothing changes

Your message is powerful; you just need to convey it in the right way. The world is waiting for your unique light. Join the 'Hello World' community, and let's shine together. Don't be part of the group who hesitates; take action now.


Money-Back Guarantee

I'm confident that you'll find the guidance you need to build your own magnetic brand in the 'Hello World' Personal Brand Kickstart Package.

So that's why if you purchase today, you'll have 7 days to dive into the content - risk free. If you find that you don't learn the skills you need to get started building your personal brand and you're not 100% thrilled with the program, just reach out within 7 days of purchase and I will refund your $27

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